Serving Bay Area Families For 30 Years!

We believe that children should be happy little people, always
keeping in mind that each child is unique. We offer a safe, healthy,
loving and happy environment where children can flourish. We
believe that children learn and grow naturally through their playtime
and everyday interaction with each other. Our program, based on
over 30 years of early childhood development experience with
children, will help your child learn and be prepared for preschool.

Our goal at Playtime is to prepare children for preschool by
introducing social, independent and cognitive skills in a creative
and nurturing environment.

• Strengthen the self-esteem and confidence of each child in
  a positive manner.

• Develop the child's self-discipline and responsibility to self
  and others.

• Encourage social development to become good problem
  solvers and communicators.

• Help the behavior of each child to become purposeful,
  respectful, and caring.

• Develop self-direction that encourages independence to
  enable children to make choices throughout the day.

• Provide activities that will invite the child's interest to
  interact physically, socially, cognitively, and emotionally.

• Provide appropriate curriculum and materials to develop
  each child's growth, imagination, and creativity.

• Develop language skills to express needs, understand
  others and use language for thought and learning.

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