Serving Bay Area Families For 30 Years!

Playtime Child Care is dedicated to providing a nurturing environment
to introduce and develop the child's cognitive, social and motor skills
to be courageous achievers. We will reinforce this foundation throughout
your child's daily activities and play. We will incorporate tools that aid in
your child's social skills (sharing, manners, patience, problem solving)
and social integration to boost self-confidence your child will carry to the
next phase of their journey. Our program is designed to support and
stimulate your child's natural curiosity, interests and abilities through:
     Activity      Specific Skills Learned
  Finding toys or learning materials
  to work with by self or others

  Cognitive: Make decisions about interests
  and abilities.

  Self-help: Finds toys by himself or sets up
  environment for play.

  Social/Language: Learns to share, barter,
  manage conflict, and ask for help.

  Emotional: Learns about acceptance and
  rejection. Expresses needs.

  Block Play
  Physical: Learns to balance blocks and line
  them up (small motor coordination)

  Cognitive: May count blocks, sees pattern
  and design. Learns to build and plan
  structure. Matches blocks that look alike.

  Social: Learns to share and cooperate.

  Dramatic Play

  Social: Plays adult roles. Develops self-image
  and coordinates with others.

  Language: Learns to express self in another

  Cognitive: Decides appropriate dress and
  appearance for role: uses visual perception
  to assess self, others and play environment.
  Learns and remembers behaviors to imitate.
  Develops abstract thinking abilities.

  Self-help: Dresses self. Sets up play
  environment and finds props.

  Sitting down to eat

  Physical:  Pours milk, passes the dish
  (small motor coordination)

   Cognitive:  Measures to pour.  Understands

   Social/Language:  Learns appropriate table
   conversion and manners.
  Story time or listening to music
  Cognitive:  Listens and retains information.  
  Follows story line (sequencing) with eyes
  and/or ears.  Recognizes words, pictures,
  instruments, and rhythms.

  Climbing / Riding

  Cognitive:  May count the rungs to the top of
  the climbing structure; plans his climb.  Maps
  out directions and distance to ride; watches
  for others in path.

  Physical:  Large motor coordination, balance.
  Social:  Takes turns, interacts.
  Putting away toys
  Cognitive:  Sorts toys, follows directions.

  Physical:  Places objects on shelf, replaces lids,
  opens and shuts doors. Social:  Takes turns,
  learns to handle toys carefully.

• A light teaching curriculum (alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes,
  object recognition and utilization)

ª Movement and exploration (dance time, dress up time, body
  coordination to sound, music and rhythm)

• Group activities and mental stimulation using puzzles, blocks
  and other building activities

• Age appropriate toys and early childhood developmental
  learning tools provided to stimulate a child's imagination,
  motor development, and cognitive skills

• Spanish as a second language and per parent request

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