Serving Bay Area Families For 30 Years!

"We cannot say enough wonderful things about Rosa Vazquez and
Playtime Child Care! We were fortunate enough to have both our
daughters go to Rosa's, our first daughter from 15 months to 3 years
old and our second from 4 months to 3 years old. Like all working
parents, we agonized over the type of daycare we should choose for
our children. From the first 5 minutes we spent with Rosa at Playtime
Child Care, we knew we had found a very loving and special place.
From the spotlessly clean play room to the way she holds, talks to,
comforts, and plays with each child – from the babies to the "big kids"
– Rosa is exactly who you want to take care of your precious children
when you can't. Rosa truly loves each child in her care as if they were
her own, and her level of care is simply unparalleled.

"One of the most wonderful things about having our daughters with
Rosa was watching them blossom under her care. Rosa has infinite
patience and always takes the time to make each child feel special,
valued and loved. This made our girls feel safe and secure in her care
and we could see the joy on their little faces each time we picked them
up. We knew they were having a wonderful time at Rosa's!

Also, Rosa really works with parents as part of a team, to reinforce
manners and good behavior, and always put the emphasis on positive,
nurturing development for each child. She was available to us at any
time to talk about any concern we may have had so we were well
informed and always felt like we were part of our children's day.

"Both of my children attended Playtime Childcare, or, as we call it "Rosa's,"
from the time they were 3 months-old until they were 3 years-old and ready
for preschool. Never did I have a doubt that they were loved and nurtured
and provided with growing goodness daily. In fact, my children thrived.
Both were wonderfully well-socialized and ready for next steps. And the
friendships established with the other children continue, as many have
attended the same preschool, swimming classes, or live in the surrounding
area. We are ever-thankful for Rosa's years of care and love."

--Sarah and Charles S.

"We feel so fortunate to have found Rosa soon after our son was born.
After going through the process of meeting with many prospective childcare
providers, we 'just knew' as soon as we met her. She and her assistant
provide such a warm, nurturing environment. Through kindness, patience
and consistency, they really instill a sense of empathy in all the kids and it
shows. Our son is now a happy, confident preschooler, and we attribute all
of his sunny personality and social skills to his time at Rosa's. We are thrilled
that our daughter is now at Rosa's and already have seen her blossom.
Rosa is a true gem."

--Heather and Buzzy S.

We were looking for a small, loving and safe home day care for our son
Toby, and we have found it at Playtime Childcare. We are so happy to
know that our baby is in such good hands. Rosa clearly loves the children
and is attentive to little details, communicating each day with us about how
Toby's day went. We also appreciate that she has been supportive of our
sending bottles of breast milk and using cloth diapers. The other children
are very sweet, and we love that the kids play together, both inside and
outside. This is a sweet, family-like setting for our sweet baby!

–Christy and Jesse S.

Coco has been with Rosa at Playtime Childcare for nearly a year now. During that time, Coco has really blossomed! Rosa loves what she does and it really shows. The children in her care are respectful and well adjusted and I have the utmost trust when I leave Coco in her care. Rosa's years of expertise leave us feeling confident and happy that Coco will continue to reach her developmental milestones with lots of love. Yet Rosa manages to balance that with equal parts structure and concern. She's like a family member and we can't thank her enough for working with our family. It's with great pleasure and I ease that I recommend Playtime Childcare to anyone who is looking for a wonderful and caring childcare provider.

–Lisa and Jonas H.

Playtime Childcare is an extension of our family. From the first moment we
met Rosa, I knew we had found something special. Rosa helped raise our
girls from their tiniest moments until they were ready for preschool. Every
need was met, from loving infant care to preschool readiness. My girls
were loved, valued, cared for and encouraged to be responsible, thoughtful
children. What more could you possibly want as a working parent than to
know that your children were safe, loved and happy every day you had to
be gone. We love Rosa and Playtime Childcare and continue to stay in
touch as our girls move into elementary school and beyond.

–Molly and Douglas B.


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